Текст песни Victim Of Depravity - Dream And Rule

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Dream And Rule
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12.11.2018 | 22:20:12
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I'm going down in vicious sea of others
I can not feel the pulse only mere blames I hear
My way is paved with deceitful faces of yours
It's time to fall asleep and instantly dissolve

No! I shan't believe these words. The course of time won't be cut short.

Don't sit still waiting for the marvel, tomorrow's morning to become.

Who told you this was right?

You need to shout out loud to make sure vocal cords are torn.
You are to run, eternal weakness will be overcome
There are no foolish ones, you left them bastards all behind
You are to reach new peaks that we were so afraid of

Above! above this filth
You can't be saved, don't want to end up here among these scums
I feel worn out, can't smile anymore.
I spit on your graves, lie still there to eternity

I am a lone wolf stayed from pack
I saw you dying in the sea of lies
It's all your fate, I want to take the other way

The God sent me to dream and rule.
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