Текст песни Unit 4 - No 16. Ex. 3 - the story of a happy mother

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No 16. Ex. 3 - the story of a happy mother
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19.09.2018 | 00:20:25
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My name is Kate Rayton and I think I`m very blessed. How I tell you why I think so? Do you have someone who makes your life better just by being around? I do. It`s my daughter Lesley and she`s my best friend too.
I was a little nervous at that time when she was born as I had some problems with my health. But since then she really has been a blessing in disguise.
We are like sisters. We`ve certain telepathy between us. We know when the other is happy or sad. Although I live in Norfolk and she lives in Surrey we keep in touch, mainly by phone. But we also write and send e-mails. It`s always a red-letter day when we have arranged the visit.
She is my main tutuor in working on the computer and I`m slowly improving. Lesley is like a mother hen. Nothing is too much trouble for her when she does something for her parents.
We can talk about anything, support each other if we have problems, exchange ideas between us, talk fashion and swop clothes.
I`m really very blessed.
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