Список исполнителей на букву T

The Selecter
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
The Serious Men
The Servant
The Seventeens
The Seventh Floor
The Seventh Power
The Sex Pistols
The Shadowmen
The Shadows
The Shady Pony
The Shamen
The Shanghai Restoration Project
The Shangri- Las
The Shangri-Las
The Shanklin Freak Show
The Shannon Quartet
The Shapeshifters
The Sharks
The Sharon Stones
The Sheds
The Sheepdogs
The shell corporation
The Shet
The Shield
The Shiffers
The Shin
The Shin Sekai ft. Gradur
The Shining
The Shins
The Shirelles
the shitlers
The Shizit
The Shockers
The Shocking Blue
The Shoes
The Shoghaken Ensemble
The Short Fuses
The Short Giant
The Shorts
The Shouting Matches
The Show Must Go On
The Shroud
The Shtors
The Sickest Squad
The SID Families
The Sign of AmpersanD
The Silent Comedy
The Silents
the silk demise
The Silly Parrots
The Silver Bullet Band
The Silver Seas
The Similou
The Simple
The Simple Life
The simple plane
The Simpsons
The Sims 2
The Singers Unlimited The Oscar Peterson Trio
The Singing Nun
The Singularity
The Singularity Music
The Sins Of Thy Beloved
The Sirin Choir
The Sister of Mercy feat Ofra Haza
The Sisters Of Mercy
The Sisters of Mercy - Vision Thing 1990
The Sisters Of Mercy, 1987
the sixth of november
The Ska Vengers
The Skatalites
The Skeleton Key
The Sketchbook
The Skinflicks
The Skins
The Skints
The Skorpions
the Sky is Red
The Sky Life
The Sky Signs
The Slackers
The Sleeping
The Sleeping Tree
The Sleepy Jackson
The Slip
The Slits
The Slot
The Slow Death
The Slow Readers Club
The Slurm
The Small Faces
The Small Hours
The Smashing Pumkins
The Smashing Pumpkins
The Smile Away Reformatory Glee Club Feat. Dan Povenmire