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2001 - Welcome to the Other Side - 13. Straight To Hell
2001 - Welcome to the Other Side - 15. Sister Demon
All This Time
Another Wasted Day
Baby,I'm Your Nightmare
Back In Time
Beginning Of The End
Beyond The Pale
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
Black In Mind
Dangerous Heritage
Darkness Turns To Light
Days Of December
Deep In The Blackest Hole
Destination Day
Dies Irae
Drop Dead
Empty Hollow - D - Connected
Enough Is Enough
Face Behind the Mask
Forgive But Don't Forget
French Bouree
From The Cradle To The Grave
Gentle Murders
Hand Of Glory
Higher Than The Sky
In Vain
Into the Light
Iron Maiden Cover
Kill Your Gods
Let The Night Begin
Light Into The Darkness
Living My Dream
Lost Side Of The World
Mouth Of Greed
Never Give Up
No Fear
No Regrets
Nothing To Lose
On The Edge
One More Time - Tribute to Dishonour Part II
One Step Ahead
Open My Grave
Paint The Devil On The Wall
Point Of No Return
Power And Greed
Reign Of Fear
Saviour Of The Dead
Scared To Death
See You In Heaven Or Hell
Sent By The Devil
Set This World On Fire
Seven Deadly Sins
Shadow Out Of Time
Shame On You
She Killed And Smiled
Silent Victory
Six Feet Under Ground
Solitary Man
Soul Survivor
Take Me To The Water
The Crawling Chaos
The Inner Search
The Missing Link
The Pit And The Pendulum
The Scaffold
Tomorrow Never Comes
Tribute To Dishonor I - R.I.P.
Turn The Page
Twenty One
Under Control
Who Dares
World Of Pain
You Want It, You'll Get It
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