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21.03.2018 | 09:20:04
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This is America
P.O.D. and Santana live in La Casa
Live and direct for you and yours
Yo America, America

Was it the way that she looked at me
She had caught my eye
She stole my heart she freed my mind
The way we loved it was magical
Truly wonderful
It was me and your so beautiful

And I know that you feel this too
Will our dreams come true
I believe in you
Show me the way to my better days
What's the price to pay
If I follow you

America, America
Will you come back to me baby?
Please don't walk away, don´t let me go
America, America
Can you get back to me baby?
Please don't run away, I need you so

I trust in you still you walked away
You just ran away
I thought our love would never change
The way you move had me hypnotized
Now I realize
I fell again the same old lies

Plans you change the present rearranged
If we don't know the path the future we can't attain
So I maintain, dealt my hands so I deal with it
Know what is truth, myself
I stay real with it
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