Текст песни Manic Bloom - What Scares You Most

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What Scares You Most
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09.11.2018 | 23:20:10
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Watch the hand connect the dots
Between the lines inside your thoughts
Even in your dreams it still takes hold of you
Menne, Menne, Tekel Uparisin

Keep the words under your tongue
Feel the air fill up your lungs
Don't let anybody know in spite you clinch your fist
Cause you can't control what's wrapped inside your skin

Listen to the voice inside your head
You can't get away until your feet have left the ledge
Scraping the dirt off of who you never thought you would be
This is everything that scares you most
But it's everything you need

Did you really think that you could walk so close up to the edge
And you could get away without your body falling, screaming
It doesn't matter how you got here, just that you stay
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