Текст песни Kaltherzig - Time To Say Goodbye

Название песни:
Time To Say Goodbye
Дата добавления:
13.01.2019 | 07:20:10
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Music and lyrics by Alexander Krupp

The landscape is shining in your eyes
The landscape is trying to invite
The landscape is so wide and real
You are so small... you disappear...

There was a time when world was bright
When you could dive into his sight
But now your heart doesn't want to feel
And you are running away from dreams

When the demon's gone
And the angel's dead
You have lost your soul
I've sold myself
Now the time has come
To say goodbye

We had to be strong
But there was no force
I can't breathe no more
I don't listen to your voice
No one can turn
Back the time

You're stranded in the endless fears
You are denying every seal
The cage of flowers is so sweet
It seems like you... you won't belong to me
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