Текст песни Відповідь to be... - Crazy

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21.09.2018 | 13:20:14
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Verse 1

I wake up in sunny morning
My next day and my new page
All my mornings are so boring
But the nights are different, love my age

All my friends sometimes are stupid
But I like them anyway
Looking forward to their message
With a time and place, I'm gone away

Oh oh oh Look at me


Crazy, I feel myself like
Crazy, please somebody wake me
Maybe, this day's not for real, baby

Verse 2

Party makes me mad and funny
DJ pump and burn us up
Baby, I won't tell your mummy
You gonna dance till morning, it's non stop

All my friend sometimes are stupid
I'm not better anyway
Let your mind be free and crazy
Now you know what means to be yourself
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